Bury St Edmunds County High School

Our School Values

County High School Values

County High School is a community where students flourish and feel safe and happy; where innate curiosity is fostered and challenged by a curriculum that motivates, involves and inspires. We are strongly committed to an ethos which supports healthy friendships and a positive peer group culture in which achievements are celebrated.  ​

We place great emphasis on developing reflection into all aspects of school life –by reflecting on our actions we grow as people; by reflecting on our learning we strengthen our understanding.

Our work is underpinned by our co-constructed values:

  • Ambition –developing self-belief , aim high and engage with a wide range of opportunities that broaden horizons​
  • Respect –valuing our differences and diversity, treating everyone with dignity, equality and fairness​
  • Curiosity – nurturing a desire to explore ideas, beliefs and understanding about the world around us​
  • Independence – Developing autonomy and the knowledge to make well-informed decisions ​
  • Determination – overcoming barriers to success, developing a drive and commitment to try, try again.

“Be the best version of yourself”