Bury St Edmunds County High School

Super Curricular

What is a super-curricular activity?

A super-curricular activity is something you pursue outside of your normal schoolwork which is still related to your academic interests. They could include reading books or magazines, watching films or documentaries or visiting a place or an event that is connected to your studies. For example, if you’re interested in History, you might read a book about the Tudors after school or if you want to study Biology, you might listen to the New Scientist podcast every week.

Why should students take part in super-curricular activities?

Taking part in super-curricular activities will not only enhance your curiosity and interest for your subjects, it will extend and deepen your knowledge of the curriculum at any age. Super-curricular activities are becoming increasingly important to our students who wish to apply for some of the UK’s top universities or apprenticeships after Sixth Form. These top universities look for candidates who show genuine subject interest, self-motivation and good critical thinking skills.

Super-curricular activities help to establish this as they are interesting and challenging in their own right (according to Oxbridge admissions officers and conference). For students who might wish to apply for Oxbridge, medicine, dentistry, vet science or other Russell group competitive degrees and apprenticeships, it is recommended that they should be regularly accessing super curricular content from Year 10 at the latest.

What does this webpage contain?

To support our students and their families with their aspirations, and upon request, our teaching staff have provided an list of super-curricular activities for each subject that we currently study at County High School. The suggestions are a mixture of things you can Do, See, Watch or Read for extra learning.

Please follow the links below and explore for yourselves. Document your activities by filling out the form below. This will contribute to an achievement point.

Examples of Super Curricular Activities (please click on the links below to find out more)

  • STEM Club
  • Lecture series
  • Year 11 Oxbridge club
  • Year 10 Balliol College programme
  • Debating competitions
  • Top of the bench Chemistry competition
  • Maths Challenge
  • Politics and history
  • Science club
  • Sports
  • Debating
  • STEM Club
  • Lecture series
  • Year 11 Oxbridge club
  • Year 10 Balliol College programme

Further Information

For students wishing to explore their subjects beyond what has been suggested on the list, we advise they speak to their subject teachers for further recommendations.

For any further information, please do contact Mr S Turner at sturner@countyhigh.uk.